Active, Bible

An online, study Bible.


Active, Prayer

An attempt at applying social networking to cooperative prayer.

Working subdomains include: and

Active, Reference

An online version of Nave's Topical Bible, utilizing the MediaWiki platform.

Active, Devotional

Daily devotions from Charles Spurgeon's Morning & Evening, auto-posted to a WordPress blog and Facebook page.

Active, Bible

A utility for websites to access the Bible via simple javascript widgets.

Active, Bible Tool

A utility to create Bible verse memes/images for posting on social networks.

Active, Bible

An online study-Bible using newer technology and more versions than

Active, Bible Tools

At once archived but users begged for it to be opened back up, so it's been revamped. The original design and script can still be accessed at



Active, Study Tools

Study tools I developed for my kids when I was homeschooling them.

Active, Online Marketplace

Site for homsechooling families to buy and sell homeschool related items.

Active, Online Library

Massive online-library of public domain books


Planned, Organizational Tools

Project/Collaboration tools specifically geared toward homeschooling families.

Active, History

Online book by Victor Vashi.


Planned, Collaboration Tool

The name came to me and I liked it. I planned to build a general-use, Project-Management/Collaborative tool.

Planned, Ecommerce

Cool domain. I had an ecommerce site at it at one time, but it didn't pay off.