dannycarlton.comWeb Design and scripting. A proven repertoire of personalized design and innovative scripting which include JacaScript, PHP, MySQL, DHTML and more.

Includes a portfolio of many of the sites I've built.


DannyCarlton.net Personal page highlighting family, hobbies and other personal pages.

Other sites I own and maintain

DYPF.com  Did You Pray First. An idea I had but haven't developed yet. For now I have a simple URL shortener there.
NeedsYourPrayers.com  A base domain for a series of sites.
A prayer list for America, including the Executive, Judicial, Legislative and Media branches of the government
A "Spiritual Networking" site. Links people with prayer requests to people willing to prayer for them.
 A searcheable online study Bible that you can download and install on your own web site. The code can also be found at the Google Code repository.
Being replace by KJBible.org.
A more user friendly version of phpBible.org that doesn't require full installation. Works similar to Google Coop. radioJesus.com
 Quick access to dozens of the best Christian broadcasts on the internet. Audio method now defunk. Revamp planned. ResourceShop.org
 Originally begun as a place for the online shop for Mastering Life Ministries, the domain may provide more opportunities for other shops.
 Church map site (in progress) ElevenOClock.com  My first domain. It now contains my web hosting business, Eleven O'Clock Web Hosting. MemoriteRogue.com
 A novel I wrote and couldn't get an agent or publisher for, so I self-published. It's available at SmashWords for 99 cents BlogAdSwap.com An ad exchange mainly for blogs. Started in November 2005. Closed after server was hacked. I may re-open it some day, so I'm haning on to the domain.
FamilyNetHome.com Another web hosting business targeting families and ministries. HYUX.com Redirects to HYUX.com/_rstart a URL shortening service
Topical autoblog sites. HomeschoolBuy.com Homeschool Auction BlogScripting.com Blog offering tips and advice about blog scripting 10-Essential-Rules.com Site highlighting an ebook I wrote BlueFusionMetrics.com  Started out as a possible web design site, then became a Twitter app site, and I keep it because I love the name. Currently a Project Management.Collaboration tool is being developed for this domain. Merry-Christ-mas.com
 ECommerce site to sell Christmas buttons. Currently closed because we ran out of the buttons. JackLewis.net
 Jack Lewis has been my pseudonym on message boards for years, so I got the domain and put some stuff there. I have had a blog there with somewhat sporadic entries.  TulsaTalk.net
 A version of my own message board script for Tulsa area talk. BeginPad.com
 Bookmark site WhyFirefoxIsBlocked.com
 Site originally set up to oppose abusive ad blocking by a Firefox plugin. Currently has information about the ultimate resolution of the problem. LookListenLearn.org
 Where I put all the educational stuff I developed for my kids to use in their homeschool. BytheFirePlace.com
 My online Library. Adding books slowly and improving the functionality. 'Showcase' for the phpBible.org Daily Bible reading script. Also has alternate format for the visual impaired, providing books for the blind. I also have the domain DustyVolume.com to create a similar site. RedPrimer.com
 An online version of Victor Vashi's wonderful book “Red Primer for Children and Diplomats”,  illustrating the history of Communism CongenitalAdrenalHyperplasia.org

Information and connection site for people and families with CAH. RareDisease.org  A social networking site for people who suffer from rare diseases. We have several communities created out of a list of over a thousand rare diseases. FamilyCircles.net A new project to create a privacy and family oriented social networking site. BernellsKitchen.com

Wordpress blog containing many of my mom's recipes